Kickstarted OARPG Last Epoch officially launches as players overwhelm its servers


Can we properly claim Last Epoch as a “win” for our crowdfund-centric Make My MMO column? Well, we’re doing it anyway, as the OARPG has made its way to launch today, having been Kickstarted all the way back in 2018 and finally adding multiplayer last year. Oh yeah, and it’s already sold a million copies during early access. Now it’s about to add more in live.

“In Early Access for four years, Last Epoch arrives on Steam today feature-complete, including all 15 class masteries, a unique trading system, stunning visual upgrades, and gripping gameplay that has already attracted over one million players. […] Last Epoch is a loot-based top-down Action RPG, with 15 different mastery classes, over 120 skills (with their own customizable and transformative skill tree), and over 300 unique items, each with its own build-defining powers.”

Do note that today’s patch is over 7GB of downloading, which might be part of why the launch of the game has been somewhat hampered by matchmaking issues. “We are currently experience failed or slow scene transitions, especially in town zones,” the studio wrote on Twitter a few minutes ago. “We’re also deploying the launch arguments that will allow full offline mode when you boot the game on Steam.”

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