WRUP: New Tarot cards for remarkably specific fortunes edition

The Guy Holding Two Gigantic Vases Full Of Bees
UPRIGHT: You are going to experience receiving a large and highly illegal shipment of bees.
REVERSED: You are going to experience receiving a small but somehow extremely legal shipment of bees.
The Lady On A Skateboard Holding Two Segways In Each Hand
UPRIGHT: It turns out that when you angered the gods in your late teens there are going to be consequences, and you must assemble a party consisting of Tony Hawk, Becky Lynch, and one of the seven regional Funkmasters (Super Fresh, Double D-Luxe, Mega Time, Sir Patrick Stewart, Four Dogs In A Trenchcoat, Old Slippery Bathtub, or Dennis the CPA) to address the curse.
REVERSED: Whoops! Move back four spaces.
The Dog Throwing Up On Former President Bill Clinton At A Waffle House
UPRIGHT: You should answer What Are You Playing before you feel the darkness start creeping in.
REVERSED: Turns out that lying about being a Funkmaster was a bad idea and now Double D-Luxe, Old Slippery Bathtub, and Sir Patrick Stewart are out for blood. Are you a bad enough dude to kiss a statue with tongue?
The Cow
UPRIGHT: It’s a cow.
REVERSED: You’re gonna die.

Bonus question: What’s a non-MMORPG game you felt peer pressured into getting? Did you actually like it?

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I am pretty sure I’ll be making droids this weekend in Star Wars Galaxies Legends, but 2023 Bree left 2024 Bree a note in Google Tasks that says “make sure you don’t skip the spring festival in Lord of the Rings Online this year,” so I might just listen to that lady. She clearly had some regrets, even if I’ve forgotten what they were.

Somebody talked me into buying ARK Survival Evolved at some point, on sale cheap probably, but I really didn’t see the draw at all.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): There’s likely going to be continued occasional drops in Helldivers 2, a little bit of Final Fantasy XIV, some casual Last Epoch once in a while as a palate cleanser, and I might feed the random desire to return to The Elder Scrolls Online for some WOLF TIME (aka Werewolf Boi).

There are a few games that I’ve been peer-pressured into getting that I didn’t really like terribly much, and one of them is Warframe. I mean, it has its strong points, and I did find a Frame that I liked, but by and large the combat makes me feel like I’m constantly on taurine and playing with PUGs is a fresh sort of hell.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): These days it’s all about City of Heroes. I mean, on a gaming front. On all other fronts it is… less that. You don’t want to know the details. Heck, I don’t want to know the details, but I’m stuck here, so.

I was peer-pressured into buying Stardew Valley. Then it sat unplayed in my Steam library for years. Then I finally gave it a shot and… actually really enjoyed it, so that story had a happy ending! Yay.

Tyler Edwards (blog): After six years away, I’ve returned to World of Warcraft in anticipation of the Worldsoul Saga. So far Dragonflight feels like it’s mostly a lot of Alexstrasza making her “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed” mom face whilst Wrathion radiates dangerous levels of sex appeal.

Bonus question: I’m not much for bowing to peer pressure. Once or twice I’ve bought something based on general community buzz and regretted it. Skyrim comes to mind.

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