MultiVersus offers an overview of the all-new PvE mode arriving with its May 28 relaunch


How exactly does the otherwise PvP-centric platform fighter MultiVersus plan on introducing PvE when it relaunches on May 28th (without adding an arcade mode, anyway)? It does so by that tried and true video game trope of rifts, which is essentially the name given to the PvE mode that’s outlined in the game’s latest dev blog.

Rifts are effectively campaigns that are broken up into individual nodes, which can consist of either specific battles or challenges. Each node will feature mutators that apply different effects like match-changing debuffs or “eccentric” modifiers. Rifts are further broken up into different types like tutorial rifts and special rifts, while Player First Games plans more variants later.

Rifts mode will also feature a leader and buddy system that allows friends to play together, with the designated leader player being the only one capable of winning the match but earning rewards for everyone if they successfully do so. As for what those rewards are, those include attack, defense, and utility gems that can buff character stats or impart special effects, and gems can further be enhanced. However these gems are only applicable in Rift mode.

More information is outlined in both the dev post as well as the video waiting below, though that footage features a whole lot of Velma talking and a section where Finn and Jake “rap.” Ye be warned.

sources: press release, official site
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