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MultiVersus Season 2 brings ranked mode, Samurai Jack, and Beetlejuice today

Over the weekend, Player First Games and Warner Bros. decided to pull the curtain back on MultiVersus Season 2, which is being headlined by...

Riot Games was reportedly working on a Smash Bros-style League of Legends platform brawler

What would happen if you blended together the platform brawling of Super Smash Bros. with the character roster of League of Legends? You would...

MultiVersus provides a gameplay showcase of new character Agent Smith, arriving July 8

Who's ready for a villainous machine entity to arrive in their cartoony platform fighting game? Then mark your calendar for Monday, July 8th, because...

MultiVersus offers an overview of the all-new PvE mode arriving with its May 28 relaunch

How exactly does the otherwise PvP-centric platform fighter MultiVersus plan on introducing PvE when it relaunches on May 28th (without adding an arcade mode,...

MultiVersus showcases new gameplay footage of the Joker in action

Last week, multiplayer platform fighter MultiVersus announced that it was adding the Joker to its roster, even getting actor Mark Hamill to reprise his...

The Stream Team: Backseat Streaming checks out Your Only Move is Hustle

Fighting games aren't normally the purview of our stream team (except for that one time), but that doesn't mean MOP's MJ and Chris can't...

League of Legends fighting game Project L will be playable during Worlds 2023 in South Korea

How hungry are you to try out Project L, the fighting game that draws from the roster of Riot Games' MOBA League of Legends?...

MultiVersus is bringing Marvin the Martian and a Game of Thrones stage in Season 2

There's a new season coming down the pike for the online brawler MultiVersus, and it is very angry indeed. Yes, as that reference suggests,...

MultiVersus brings on its Halloween event, adds Gizmo and Stripe to its roster of fighters

The latest open beta patch for character brawler MultiVersus has a little something special for the '80s kids in its audience (or at least...

Rumor: Mark Hamill will reprise his role as the Joker for MultiVersus

For people of a certain age, the vocal performance of Mark Hamill as the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series is unmatched, setting the...
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MultiVersus doubles the XP required to max out character mastery to ‘make it a bit more of a journey’

There's a new patch out for the multiplayer character brawler MultiVersus! There's cute outfits for Reindog! How adorable! Rick Sanchez was added to the...

MultiVersus’ latest patch adjusts hurtboxes, projectiles, and Velma’s cop-calling special move

As the open beta of online character brawler MultiVersus rolls along, balance changes were bound to happen. That's the crux of the game's latest...

Rumor: Beetlejuice and the Wicked Witch of the West are next on the MultiVersus roster

When MultiVersus elected to include LeBron James and a Gremlin from the '80s to its roster of fighters, it very likely signaled to fans...

MultiVersus kicks off Season 1, announces Black Adam and a Gremlin as upcoming characters

The official first season for the multiplayer character brawler MultiVersus has officially gone live as of yesterday, launching the usual seasonal battle pass full...

MultiVersus confirms its first full season will begin August 15, but all of its features will be staggered

Fans of MultiVersus probably felt a bit dour at the news that the game's first full season had to be delayed, but as it...

MultiVersus players are facing DMCA strikes for uploading footage with modded character skins

The multiplayer character brawler MultiVersus has seen itself gain plenty of fans and made some strong impressions on two of our own writers. However,...

MultiVersus postpones Season 1 launch to a later date along with the release of Morty

If you've been enjoying MultiVersus of late, you probably were excited for the kickoff of Season 1 complete with a full battle pass and...