MultiVersus players are facing DMCA strikes for uploading footage with modded character skins


The multiplayer character brawler MultiVersus has seen itself gain plenty of fans and made some strong impressions on two of our own writers. However, the legal matter of copyright protection clashing with well-meaning fans is pouring a bit of cold water on some otherwise extended excitement.

Streamers of the game who use modded skins of some of the fighter’s characters are facing DMCA strikes from Warner Bros. according to director Tony Huynh, who promised to talk to the team behind the strikes. However, the revelation has earned some backlash from fans and has reportedly caused modders to be gun-shy about continuing their work.

“It doesn’t surprise me, but I’m still pretty upset that WB is doing this,” says Ghost, a prolific modder of titles like Mario Kart 8 and Pokemon, and one of the game’s many new mod creators. “I’ll still make mods, but I’m for sure not working on any videos of them.”

In the meantime, moderators of the game’s Discord are suggesting that those who do use skin mods not stream footage or upload videos of their gameplay.

source: VG247
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