Nightingale outlines the benefits and limitations of today’s offline mode release


The primarily multiplayer survival sandbox that is Nightingale is now becoming an optional solo act, as today sees the game introduce its single-player offline mode with patch 0.3; it’s a pretty big deal overall and Inflexion Games is keen to talk to players about it.

The latest dev blog opens with a note from CEO Aaryn Flynn, who talks up the feature release, once more explains that player feedback pushed the offline mode further up the studio’s development time table, and points out that improvements will be coming to the mode along the way. “[W]e’re really pleased we’re able to bring [offline mode] out just a few months after our initial EA debut,” Flynn writes. “It was a huge effort across the studio and I’m thankful for everyone’s hard work!”

The rest of the post otherwise puts in writing things that were previously in video format, confirming that players have to create a new character to use the mode (though work on transferring existing characters is being done), promising to continue optimization of the mode, and clarifying that official mod support won’t be available at this time until the devs fully understand how offline mode works in its current iteration.

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