Sand is an open-world PvPvE game where players build stompy robot bases to explore an alien planet


As one poorly directed actor of a sci-fi film noted, sand has a whole bunch of drawbacks including its unpleasant texture and its propensity to get in places it shouldn’t. It looks as if those problems will be the least of players’ worries in Sand, an upcoming multiplayer PvPvE open world that invites players to explore the fallen planet of Sophie to find resources and treasure.

“In an alternate history version of 1910, humanity had made significant advancements in space exploration thanks to the discovery of new energy sources. The Austro-Hungarian Empire led the way in conquering other planets, but a mysterious ecological disaster struck planet Sophie, forcing its settlers to hastily leave behind a once-resource-rich world. Motivated by desperation, the bravest and most impoverished individuals from the empire now journey to planet Sophie, seeking to test their fate, uncover hidden riches in the barren wastelands, and profoundly change their lives.”

In a broad strokes and (arguably) reductive sense, Sand could be summarized as Last Oasis with a diesel engine: One of the core mechanics of the game is the building and operation of Tramplers, which are huge robotic structures that serve as weapons platform and home base. Tramplers are highly customizable, allowing players to design its interior and upgrade its weapons, armor, and power systems.

A gameplay video grants a look at some of what Sand has to offer, with player Tramplers battling it out for scrap and loot, all while player teams either try to manage and repair their robo-base, delve derelicts and fight enemies, or leap aboard an enemy’s Trampler to take out the crew. Gameplay is first-person only, with firearms aplenty. The footage also confirms a beta for the title is arriving sometime this summer.

sources: Steam, YouTube
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