Star Trek Online’s June event lets you earn a free T6 starship


If you’ve played Star Trek Online to any moderate or serious extent, you know that having a Tier 6 starship is a “must have” at the endgame. While Cryptic mostly sells these, there are a few times during the year that players can grab or earn a free T6 ship — and June’s Delete Alt Control event is one of these occasions.

Starting on May 28th and continuing through June 27th, players can work on a reward track toward a rather nice bundle of goodies: a souped-up torpedo launcher, a device that lets you call in a squad of shuttles to help out in an emergency, 500 Lobi crystals, and a phoenix prize pack.

The cool thing about this last reward is that you can redeem it for your choice of one of 13 different starships, including a Vulcan T’Pau Scout Ship, a Ferengi Warship, and a Breen Sarr Theln Carrier.

To advance your reward track in this STO event, you’ll need to do 20 specific episodes or task force operations at the rate of one per day. That gives you about a week’s worth of leeway, so if you’re gunning for a T6, don’t skip too many days!

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