Multiplayer nautical sim Ships at Sea officially makes its way into early access


Despite the game’s whole thing, we resolve here and now to avoid using typical maritime jargon in this news post. There will be no references to setting sail, battening down the hatches, or the sun being over the yardarm. We will not debase ourselves by typing in a piratical brogue. There will not be a single “yo ho” uttered. All we’re going to point out is that Ships at Sea has released in early access.

For those who don’t remember, we first heard about this multiplayer title this past March: Ships at Sea promises realistic maritime ventures like commercial fishing, cargo hauling, or nautical repair services, all set in a real-world section of the Norwegian Sea. Early access was planned for early May but was delayed into last week in the interest of applying additional polish.

The title is currently available for PC via Steam and EGS, and while it’s currently sitting on a “mixed” user review score on Steam, the devs at Misc Games have been very busy with multiple hotfixes and patches. Early access is projected to be one to two years.


sources: press release, Steam (1, 2)
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