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Late in the game is better than not in the game, I suppose.

Betawatch: Das Tal becomes The Exiled (August 19, 2016)

There's a certain risk involved in changing your game's name after people have already gotten used to a name. After all, people might not...
Curb Your Enthusiasm theme plays

WoW Factor: Fighting against the Legion and the end of the world

I honestly don't know what the Burning Legion's strategy is in World of Warcraft right now when it comes to picking places to invade....

Chaos Theory: Death becomes you in The Secret World

If all else fails -- die! That's my friend's new mantra when it comes to investigation missions. Why? Because in The Secret World, death...

Global Chat: Deaf gamers and MMO captioning

What is it like to play MMORPGs if you're deaf? Just ask Stars of the Spiral's Kelsey, who talks of her condition and why...

Hyperspace Beacon: The five sins of roleplay in Star Wars The Old Republic (or any MMORPG)

I know that I have complained quite a bit about what Star Wars: The Old Republic doesn’t have, but I still play the game....

Wisdom of Nym: What I’d like to see (and probably won’t) in the next Final Fantasy XIV expansion

One of the things I do in this column, at times, is stomp on dreams. It's not really an intended function, but it's one...

MMO Mechanics: No Man’s Sky is mechanically genius (an ode to procedural generation)

No Man's Sky has been on my hotly anticipated list for so long, and you might remember that it has had particular mention in a...

One Shots: Swords and other pointy things

What are swords good for? For one thing, they make excellent pointers, communicating to your audience that this thing over here is what you're...

The Game Archaeologist: Six videos from MMOs that never launched

Whenever I compile lists or run articles on MMOs that never made it out of the gate, it seems as though talking about it...
Drift-slidin' away.

Betawatch: Worlds Adrift gets big money (August 12, 2016)

Money, as we all know, makes the world go round. Even when that world is adrift, as in the appropriately named Worlds Adrift. In...
No, you don't get it, she has no eyes.

WoW Factor: The storm upon the Broken Shore

I sometimes get asked why I don't do more stuff within betas when I have access to them. To answer that, all I can...

Massively Overthinking: Our favorite MMORPG soundtracks

MOP's Justin Olivetti created the music-centered Jukebox Heroes column back on Massively-that-was and brought it along to us here, and to this day it's...

Chaos Theory: The 80s invade The Secret World

One of the best things about The Secret World is how it is set in the modern day. But that doesn't mean the game...

Perfect Ten: Great tips for naming your next MMO character

Has this ever happened to you? You decide to roll (or reroll) a new character in an MMORPG, and after you get done choosing...

Jukebox Heroes: World of Warcraft’s main music themes

Inspired by a news post that a dashing Massively OP writer penned a few weeks back, I thought that it might be an interesting...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Unpacking Guild Wars 2’s Out of the Shadows

I figure that it's been long enough for the majority of you to have run through Guild War's 2's first instalment of the Living...

Hyperspace Beacon: Why Star Wars The Old Republic’s KOTFE finale was satisfying and disappointing

The new era of Star Wars: The Old Republic passed a milestone late yesterday when it launched the final chapter in the Knights of the...
Ice cold.

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s seasonal events, dungeon mining, and leaving Eorzea

Not every topic that I can talk about in this column is actually a good column topic because some stuff just... isn't robust enough. I'm...

EVE Evolved: The single-shard sandbox economy

The debate about what makes a good sandbox game is as old as the term itself, and everyone seems to have a different view...

One Shots: Player barbecue

Oh, standing in the fires might look cool and give your character that mysterious aura that's so desirable among the trendy set, but in...