Black Desert’s companion app, Black Desert+, is available now

If you play a lot of Black Desert, you might wish there were a way to get a little bit more of the game even...

The Daily Grind: Do you want NPC companions in your MMOs?

Let's talk about buddies! Specifically, NPC buddies. It's no secret at all that I am a huge fan of NPC companions in MMOs. As...

The Soapbox: Pet battles are one of the best things WoW ever did (which is why I’ve never played one)

Pokemon first burst onto the scene when I was in elementary school. I've always been lukewarm at best toward anime and "cute" things, so...
Generally not having an easy go

World of Warcraft answers player questions regarding the new Legion companion app

World of Warcraft players can now make use of the Legion companion app, allowing players to manage missions and followers remotely. It's the best...

Hyperspace Beacon: Seven things you didn’t know about SWTOR’s SCORPIO

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The Stream Team: 12 Days of SWTOR, companion bonus day

Even when the audience can't stick to light side or dark side choices throughout the 12 Days of TOR, there is one thing everyone...

Team up with Neverwinter’s Harper Bard on the Xbox One [All gone now!]

The Harpers are iconic in Dungeons and Dragons lore and video games in particular, including Neverwinter. Thanks to today's giveaway, you can add one to...
The moment again.

SWTOR vows all companions will return in the KOTFE expansion

BioWare took to a much-anticipated livestream last night to assuage fears concerning the fate of companions in Star Wars: The Old Republic when Knights...