Very dynamic.

The Daily Grind: What’s the biggest MMO impulse purchase you’ve ever made?

One holiday season, I was playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. There was a sale for cartel coins running. I decided to buy in (there...
I like the way you move.

The Daily Grind: How much does value matter to you in MMOs?

Value is a weird concept. It makes sense at face value; for example, it's pretty easy to sit down, list exactly the features I...
Worth something!

The Daily Grind: Which optional subscription MMO justifies its subscription the best?

We talk a lot about how free-to-play (and its slightly more expensive cousin buy-to-play took over the MMO market, but a lot of these...

MapleStory 2 updates exchange rates for NX currency in Europe

Money! You need it, you like it, you use it to buy NX in MapleStory 2 for all sorts of fun microtransaction stuff. But...
I fel for it.

The Daily Grind: Are MMO collector’s editions worth it?

The allure of the collector's edition has always been a strange one. I remember when it started, of course, when you could get the...
Money dollars.

World of Warcraft’s prestige mount in Battle for Azeroth costs nearly $500

Would you pay $500 to have access to an auction house anywhere in World of Warcraft? Based on the current prices for WoW Tokens,...
This game? Sleazy? Whay a shock.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds adds new crate drops with a 0.01% drop rate for items

Hey, kids, you like random cosmetic rewards, right? The latest patch currently in testing for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds adds two new crates that can drop...

Master x Master is devaluing one currency to improve another

Have you found yourself playing Master x Master and thinking that the game was just too darn generous with currency? Probably not, but then,...
If you doubted this before, well, don't.

Final Fantasy XIV sees a price hike for Brazilian and Russian players

Shock! Dismay! The prices for Brazilian and Russian players have risen for Final Fantasy XIV! But to confuse the issue a little further, they've...
Perhaps not such good value for bat-men, but they have enough money.

The Daily Grind: Has a trailer ever convinced you to give an MMO a shot?

Companies pay a lot of money to make good trailers. We all know this. The latest World of Warcraft intro cinematic didn't cost $3.50...

Warcraft has become the most successful film adaptation of a video game

The strength of its success at the Chinese box office has led Warcraft to be the single most successful video game adaptation film to...
Castle for sale, cheap.

Neverwinter plans to reduce Stronghold costs

The prices on big projects in MMOs can be tricky things. Neverwinter originally priced Strongholds on the high end for two reasons: First, Strongholds...
Holy arts.

WoW Legion makes major changes to specializations and transmog sets

Are you tired of dealing with dual specs in World of Warcraft? It was revealed at BlizzCon that the existing spec system was going...
Robots will kiss.

Perpetuum posts premium packages to power up players with popular pricing

The developers behind Perpetuum want you to be able to get in and start playing the game on the cheap. Said developers also want...
Price shark.

RIFT is upping its subscription price slightly with its next patch

If you're considering taking a break from RIFT and dropping your subscription for a month, you may not wish to do that. With the...
For the record, again, this costs a lot of money on a monthly basis.

Ron Gilbert explains how video game budgets work

If you've never designed a game for money, you probably do not have a very clear picture of what video game budgets look like....