eve online

Official Site: EVE Online
Studio: CCP Games
Launch Date: May 6, 2003
Genre: Sci-Fi Sandbox
Business Model: Hybrid Free-to-Play (Optional Subscription, Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

Leaderboard: Synth vs. orchestra for space MMOs

Earlier this week we got a taste of Pedro Camacho's orchestral score for Star Citizen. I loved it, but I've also been putting together my...

Massively Overthinking: MMO server merge horror stories

Whether you call them server transitions, evolutions, consolidations, megaservers, or connected realms, server merges are a thing that affects most MMORPGs at some point...

Divergence Online’s Ethan Casner on SWG 2.0, open PvP, and edgelords

Star Wars Galaxies-inspired indie sandbox Divergence Online busted out its third alpha and third crowdfunding campaign last week, prompting many of Massively OP's readers...

EVE Evolved: New roles for capital ships

In the past two editions of EVE Evolved, I looked at the Aegis sovereignty warfare overhaul and how it played out in a recent...

EVE Online reintroduces large-scale expansions

Earlier this week, EVE Online Executive Producer Andie "CCPSeagull" Nordgren announced that the game will be returning to large-scale expansions in addition to frequent patches. What can...

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Massively OP Kickstarter donor Magnet Brain wants a revolution... in video game music! "Enough with the orchestral fantasy score... what genre of music would you like...

MMO Mechanics: Economic stagnation in MMO economies

MMO economies are notoriously hard to balance, so most MMO players have seen the effects of stagnation and hyperinflation in an MMO economy for...

Nexus Telegraph: WildStar takes on Halloween with Shade’s Eve

While I can't decide if Halloween is my favorite real-life holiday (it's close, no matter what), I have no doubt that the spooky ooky...
You only remember these people when someone dies.

DUST 514 kicks off a new event in celebration of the Amarr

A big lore shake-up occurred in the EVE Online universe when Empress Jamyl Sarum was killed while traveling. That has an impact on one...

The Daily Grind: How might VR reshape the MMOscape?

Oculus Connect 2, a VR conference hosted by the folks behind Oculus, is set for just a few weeks from now. You probably didn't know...

EVE Evolved: The war for Providence

In the previous edition of EVE Evolved, I looked at how the state of PvP in EVE Online has changed since the Aegis Sovereignty...

Massively Overthinking: Building your dream MMORPG

Massively OP Kickstarter donor xenaphex wants to hear about our dream MMOs. What really makes you tick? What would you build with a million-bajillion...

Free-to-play WildStar ‘Reloaded’ arrives September 29th

No, that isn't a typo in the title: WildStar fully converts to free-to-play on September 29th. Carbine and its crew are calling this significant change to...

History of EVE Online book rolls first copies off the printing press

EVE Online's player history is a massive, ever-shifting entity, and one man is making good on his dream and promise to put it into writing. A...

WildStar previews its Halloween event, Shade’s Eve

It's no secret that WildStar has had holiday events in the works for quite some time now, although the developers held off releasing them...

Global Chat: Returning to WildStar for F2P

Many WildStar fans, past and present, are digging into the sumptuous buffet of the free-to-play patch on the test server for a better idea...

EVE Online’s Galatea update begins with a royal assassination

This isn't just a patch; it's a political upheaval. EVE Online pushed out its Galatea release today and with it a major event that's rocking...

EVE’s Galatea iterates on sov capture stuff tomorrow

CCP wants you to know that EVE Online's Galatea update will deploy on Tuesday, August 25th. That's tomorrow, if you're playing at home. Galatea includes...

EVE Evolved: Has the Aegis sovereignty system worked?

It's been over a month since EVE Online deployed its new sovereignty and territorial warfare system, and the dust is only now beginning to...

The Daily Grind: What’s the most original player-created MMO profession?

Rohan on the Blessing of Kings blog posted yesterday a fascinating article on player bankers in Star Wars: The Old Republic. I knew of players...