Ankama’s Dofus previews the benefits of its move from Flash to Unity

The next major era for Ankama's Dofus is heading our way as the game works on a transition from using Flash to Unity as...
Woke up, got out of bed

Habbo Hotel is bringing back the Flash client while the developers work on the Unity version

It's been about a month since Habbo Hotel released its Unity client, a move that basically no one in the community seemed to be all...
You are bad and you should feel bad.

Habbo’s release on Unity draws player ire for feature implementation, prompting a response from the devs

The move from Flash to Unity for Habbo Hotel has happened successfully, but only in terms of it officially releasing, as players have been...
Woke up, got out of bed

Habbo Hotel’s move from Flash to Unity officially enters open beta

When last we checked in on Habbo Hotel, it was mostly pointing to its winter event while also nodding in the direction of an...

MMO Business Roundup: FarmVille’s sunset, Netmarble’s acquisitions, Intrepid hiring, WoW esports, PUBG India

Welcome back to another roundup of gaming industry news relevant to MMOs and MMO adjacent-titles. PUBG India: Earlier this month, we covered how PUBG Corp....

Realm of the Mad God’s remastered Unity edition, Exalt, is now in open beta

Realm of the Mad God is one of those MMOs that are hard to quantify, being part retro-pixel shooter and part permadeath MMO in...

DCUO celebrates The Flash’s 75th birthday

Did you know that The Flash turns 75 this year? Yep, he does. And there's probably a joke about being a spry septuagenarian in there somewhere,...
Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis adds Flash costume, profiles voice talent

Veteran voice actor Steve Blum is the star of Turbine's latest Infinite Crisis featurette. Blum gives us a bit of background on new champion Lex...