Realm of the Mad God’s remastered Unity edition, Exalt, is now in open beta


Realm of the Mad God is one of those MMOs that are hard to quantify, being part retro-pixel shooter and part permadeath MMO in a way that actually makes sense. It was also designed over a decade ago as a Flash game, and as anybody reading this surely knows, Flash will be dead by the end of the year. So back in 2018 the team announced ROTMG: Exalt, a Unity version of the game. And as of this week, the open beta for that remastered version has begun, after just a few weeks in closed beta for supporters.

“Built from the ground up using the latest technology to forge the game you love into the game that will last! Spaghetti code is in the past and finally you can unleash the performance of hardware acceleration. Keep all the progress you’ve made in the classic, take pride in your legacy and fulfill your destiny in the remaster! No need for a new account or character, you are all prepped for new features to come in the future. Breaking free of the shackles of a small window in your browser, Realm Remastered will allow you to play in full screen! The way is paved for new effects impossible in flash, all captured by a completely fresh camera system. Choose between a refined classic user interface or an all new version. A few brushes of paint, reducing the amount of loading screens and a modern UI option will change the way you experience the realm.”

Everyone can jump into this leg of the beta; full install info has been posted to Reddit.

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