The Soapbox: The real cost of breaking trust with gamers

There's a quote going around these days in gaming spheres about trust being like a broken vase that can be fixed but will never...

Terraria dev commits $200,000 plus monthly donations to open-source engine Unity rivals

It would be really great if the Unity situation would stop being a big ol' industry-wide garbage fire, but alas, it is not this...

Unity promises ‘changes’ to its deeply unpopular install fee policy after a week of backlash

The intense backlash over Unity's decision to assign staggering new per-install fees to game studios last week probably made last night's admission inevitable: At...

Unity’s runtime fee scheme sees game devs shut off Unity ads and employees turn in resignations

The tire fire of Unity's decision to impose "runtime fees" on studios that use the engine continues to burn bright and hot. Game developers...

Unity asks game studios to trust its download estimates, closes offices over death threat

As the bulk of the gaming industry unites against Unity's new "runtime fees," the company is continuing to spin the fees as a smart...

Unity begins backtracking on new runtime fees, but it hasn’t addressed indies

Yesterday, we covered Unity's surprise announcement that it was instituting a "runtime fee" that would charge developers as much as 20 cents per download...

Unity is adding excessive new per-install fees – game developers aren’t having it

Unity has been struggling with its public and corporate relations over the course of 2023, first with multiple rounds of mass layoffs that cut...

Unity Q2 2023: Buyout of ironSource pays off with a YOY revenue increase as net losses continue

The second quarter numbers for Unity are in, and it looks like good news for investors. The company's revenue has reached $533M - an...

Ankama’s Dofus previews the benefits of its move from Flash to Unity

The next major era for Ankama's Dofus is heading our way as the game works on a transition from using Flash to Unity as...

MMO Business Roundup: Unity clings to AI, Apple appeals again, Embracer restructures

Business doesn't take a break, and so neither must we. Except for holiday breaks. But then those also can get busy because studios sometimes...

Unity adds AI tools to its asset store while Electronic Arts reasons AI generation is a ‘co-pilot’ for artists

The fresh blood in the games industry water continues to be AI generation tools for art assets and writing. This time we zero in...

Unity slashes 600 jobs in its latest round of layoffs

It's not been the best year to work at Unity, as the tech company has gone through multiple rounds of layoffs and office closures....

Microsoft and Unity collectively shed over 10,000 employees in latest round of tech layoffs

Another round of layoffs are coming to both Microsoft and Unity. Both tech companies are dropping more employees from their respective workforces, with Unity...

Tencent seeks larger stake in Ubisoft, Unity considers Chinese spinoff

China continues its wrangling of the western gaming industry with moves on both Ubisoft and Unity. Reuters reported yesterday that Tencent is attempting to increase...
Where does the time go?

Unity’s John Riccitiello apologizes for sentence he wishes he ‘never said’

A harsh judgment from Unity's CEO last week experienced a fair bit of pushback and criticism from gamers and other studios alike. John Riccitiello...

Unity’s CEO says game devs who don’t include monetization in their design process are ‘f*cking idiots’

Not since Square-Enix president Yosuke Matsuda's notorious letter about pursuing NFTs has someone in the games industry so spectacularly lost the plot that we're...

Unity unveils plans to merge with app monetization platform ironSource in a $4.4B deal

Unity, the engine that powers a wide number of MMORPGs as well as other games, is hoping to improve its fiscal fortunes through a...
Who will be the baby of the year.

Unity, the game engine behind many MMOs, lays off ‘hundreds’ of staff

There are not a lot of MMO players who are ever curious about what game engine powers their title (or for that matter know...

Unity shines a spotlight on RamenVR and the creation of VR MMO Zenith

Zenith, one of the very few VR MMORPGs out there, was made with the Unity engine, and the company behind the engine appears to...

MMO Business Roundup: Discord crypto mess, Unity buys Weta, Roblox Q3 2021 financials

Welcome back to another roundup of MMO and MMO-adjacent industry news! Business business business... is this working? Discord: Well, Discord's gone and ticked off its...