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Tencent is restructuring amidst continued Chinese game industry woes

Tencent is having a terrible, horrible, no good very bad year so far. Sure, its problems began when Monster Hunter World had...
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Activision knows the power of cross-play, but it will need some time to implement it

Blizzard is very familiar with the advantages of cross-platform play, because Hearthstone exists and does quite well for it with exactly that. But...

ROKH’s developers outline the finances of the game and how little money it made

The survival sandbox ROKH suspended development back in July, and fans have questions about why. It's easy to look at the early...
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Here’s what’s going on with China’s video game approval process in simple terms

We all know that China is a big and expanding market for video games, and you probably know that this year has seen a...
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China’s delays on video game licenses may last another 4-6 months

It's been a bit of a rough go for games in China recently; Monster Hunter World was the first massively popular game we...
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Roblox secures another $150 million in funding

Consider this your regularly scheduled reminder that Roblox makes money and also serves as an attractive investment for making more money. Yes, the...
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Superdata has been bought by Nielsen

You all remember SuperData, right? We cover a lot of their reports about industry performance and all of that fun stuff, because we...
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H1Z1’s professional league is allegedly struggling in viewers, attendance, and actually paying its players

It looks like H1Z1 is having some problems with its professional e-sports league. This isn't entirely news, as the league faced controversy right...
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Valve’s Artifact will feature no moderation and no cards earned through play

Oh boy. If you've avoided hearing about Valve's upcoming digital card game, Artifact, you might want to take a look at the latest...
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For Science: How gaming addiction is influenced by emotion and pride

Video game addiction isn't as easy to treat as heroin addiction. That's one of the big takeaways from a recent Reddit AMA with a...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO shutdown surprised you the least?

The sudden announcement on Friday that Just Survive was being shuttered wasn't exactly welcome, but it also wasn't surprising either. Splitting the...
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Shigeru Miyamoto didn’t want to make an MMO because he would get bored

Have you ever wondered about an MMO developed by Nintendo's resident legend, Shigeru Miyamoto? You may be intrigued by Miyamoto's remarks at the...
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Cliff Bleszinski promises to detail Boss Key’s demise in his upcoming autobiography

For those of you who missed it over the past year or so, the path of Boss Key Productions was one of being...
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Riot and Tencent appear to be on unpleasant terms with one another

Some fans are still probably a bit miffed that Riot Games (maker of League of Legends and that's all) teased them...
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Amazon Game Studios hires Christoph Hartmann as Vice President

The first big release from Amazon Game Studios, Breakaway, was pretty unceremoniously killed earlier this year. That means that the future of...
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Albion Online’s shift away from mobile was a matter of market forces

If you remember a lot of the early marketing for Albion Online, it focused quite heavily on how the game was going to...

ZeniMax is getting only half of the amount originally awarded in the Oculus lawsuit

Did you think that the Oculus vs. ZeniMax lawsuit was over when ZeniMax was awarded $500 million in its legal battle...

Nexon rolls out a flexible work schedule similar to Netmarble’s to reduce employee overwork

No company wants to be in the news by overworking its employees to death; that usually looks bad. (Due to it being bad.)

Trace the history of the battle royale genre from inception to now

It all started with a new mode for DayZ. No, it all started with Minecraft. Wait, maybe it started with deathmatch games. There's...

Wargaming Seattle shuts down while Digital Extremes gets an American sister studio

Corporate shuffling is rarely great news, but for the employees at Wargaming Seattle, it looks like it's worse news than normal. The American wing...