Sony boss stresses that Bungie acquisition is about multiplatform live service games

Thanks, I hate it.

If you were worried about the future of Destiny 2 on your platform of choice, the latest interview with Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan will hopefully put your mind at ease to an extent. Ryan makes it clear that the point of Sony’s acquisition of Bungie is not about making Bungie titles into platform exclusives; rather, it’s about leveraging Bungie’s experience in making multiplatform live service games available for multiple different platforms. Which is a lot of corporate speak to say that Sony wants that sweet multiplatform money now.

Nor does Ryan imply that this is the last such acquisition in the publisher’s future; indeed, he all but states outright that Sony intends to make a few more purchases of its own, which comes on the heels of Microsoft’s high-profile acquisition of Activision-Blizzard. So yay, increased consolidation of entertainment options into the hands of a few mega-powerful corporations! Incidentally, Discord integration for PlayStation Network is starting to roll out today.

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