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PAX East 2018: State of Decay 2 debuts a gory gameplay trailer

Before we had zombies to beat up without remorse in games, what did we used to kill? White dots and angry little mushrooms, mostly....
I have to be wasted for this.

Identity gameplay video demos your Breaking Bad fantasy

The central tenant of Identity's concept is that this isn't going to be your run-of-the-mill combat MMO, but a life simulator that will let...

Sea of Thieves devs go on a riddle quest

Why do we get the feeling that a majority of Sea of Thieves' group gameplay will be devoted to players barking at each other...

Wild West Online’s brand-new gameplay video shows bounties, saloons, and more

It's the video release that Wild West Online fans have been waiting weeks for: A six-minute glimpse into the western MMO's gameplay. During the video,...

Destiny 2 hits the almighty reset button

"Destiny 2 tells a brand-new story. What happens when a world full of superheroes loses their powers, their history, and their home?" The big almighty...

See Crowfall’s mighty Myrmidon in action

The current star pupil of Crowfall's development is the Myrmidon, a minotaur who does not play nice on the battlefield. According to the devs,...
Combat attire: you're doing it wrong.

Take a look at the gameplay of Black Desert’s Witch

There's still no hard information on when Black Desert is coming westward, although the game is currently in open beta in Russia and it...
Gothier than thou.

See Overwatch’s Reaper in all of his dark, billowing action

Reaper's life in Overwatch is pretty difficult. His whole schtick is being dark and mysterious and wraithly and so forth, but that can't work well...

See two of Overwatch’s superheroes in action

Which Overwatch character are you going to pick when you get into the beta? That's a hard call to make before you can actually...