Wild West Online’s brand-new gameplay video shows bounties, saloons, and more


It’s the video release that Wild West Online fans have been waiting weeks for: A six-minute glimpse into the western MMO’s gameplay.

During the video, you’ll get to see quick snippets of character creation, open-world exploration, outfits, saloons, gambling, thieving, rest cabins, and different environments. Some of WWO’s unique features were on display, such as a hotkey that pops up icons that highlight interactive features in the game world. Newspapers are pretty important as well, as the devs will use them to highlight in-game events and push the story forward.

You’ll also witness how the bounty system works. Players can claim bounties of naughty desperadoes on public boards and then hunt them down for cash. It might be a good idea to bring a friend or two along to ensure victory, however.

Fans have until July 20th to decide whether or not to preorder the game and secure a spot in alpha and beta testing. Give the video a watch after the break!

Source: YouTube
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