gamescom 2022

Everywhere is a self-described ‘multi-world gaming experience’ from a former producer of GTA Online

What is Everywhere? To hear the game's own description of itself, it sounds kind of metaverse-ish except it also has open world gameplay, while...

Mad World’s Gamescom trailer delves into chaotic gameplay

"Despite endless despair, there is hope," proclaims Mad World's latest trailer. But is that hope endless too? Because players are going to need a...

The First Descendant announces Steam beta test for October 20, unveils its new trailer

Nexon's co-op looter shooter The First Descendant has been making a lot of noise recently. The game was first revealed as Project Magnum during...

Gamescom Opening Night Live: Funcom’s Dune Awakening survival MMO and more multiplayer news

In-person Gamescom is back in Cologne, Germany, and tonight - as it's tonight over there already of course - we're getting the Opening Night...

Lord of the Rings Online’s presentation at Devcom expands upon Before the Shadow reveal

With the news emerging from Gamescom's Devcom that Lord of the Rings Online is planning a mini-expansion called Before the Shadow for later this...
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Black Desert talks up its upcoming Gamescom presence at a Samsung booth and a community event

Gamescom 2022 is looming large as it's set to begin next week, which means we're likely going to continue to hear about various titles...

Nexon’s co-op shooter The First Descendant releases a teaser trailer and plans for beta this fall

At the top of July we reported on The First Descendant, a co-op looter shooter from Nexon that we first heard about during a...
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E3 plans to return next year as Gamescom 2022 tickets go on sale

The ESA is apparently not willing to let its E3 trade show-cum-games hype dispensary go into that good night. While this year's event has...

Gamescom outlines efforts to be ‘climate neutral’ in 2022 and beyond

Gamescom is, without a doubt, the single largest gaming convention on the planet, which means it also requires massive amounts of energy to operate...