Nexon’s co-op shooter The First Descendant releases a teaser trailer and plans for beta this fall


At the top of July we reported on The First Descendant, a co-op looter shooter from Nexon that we first heard about during a studio-specific presentation in August 2021, when the game was codenamed Project Magnum. The game has once more resurfaced thanks to a new teaser trailer and word of the game’s testing plans.

The teaser showcases its Unreal Engine 5-powered visuals and provides some brief glimpses of its speedy combat, while the announcement attached to it lauds the shooter’s participation at Gamescom this August, where more will be revealed.

On top of the new video, Descendant’s Steam page is now letting players put their names in for a beta test through the platform’s access request feature. The beta is scheduled to begin sometime this fall; players are invited to follow that same Steam page for more timing details.

source: press release
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