Nexon’s co-op looter shooter Project Magnum gets a full title name and Steam page, starts taking test applications


Back in August 2021, we reported on a wide number of MMOs and multiplayer games in development by Nexon, one of which was tentatively called Project Magnum, a co-op online looter shooter RPG. At the time of that report, we weren’t sure of the game’s western release prospects, but now it appears that the game is indeed headed to our shores by virtue of the fact that it has a Steam page as well as a full game name.

Project Magnum is now The First Descendant and it describes itself as “a free third-person cooperative action RPG shooter.” The game lets four players take the role of one of the titular Descendants – people who have been mysteriously empowered to fight an invading force threatening the human population of the continent of Ingris. The Last Descendant promises strategic boss fights, unique characters, exciting gunplay, and plenty of loot to scoop.

The game is currently allowing interested players to opt-in to a testing round through Steam, with the first test currently scheduled for Wednesday, September 28th. Timing for testing isn’t locked down yet, but those who are willing to put their name into the draw or learn more about this one now have a new place to go.

source: Steam
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