Atlas introduces an egg hatchery, brings back a zone, and adds a railing to mount swivel guns in latest patch


Yes, the piratical sandbox of Atlas is calling a ship railing that lets players mount swivel guns part of a content patch. Obviously, there’s more to the update than just ship railings, but we’ll get that point out of the way first: You can now put a swivel gun on your ship, provided you use the new ship railing.

What else is in the patch? How about an egg hatchery building that lets you safely raise critters like chickens, spiders, or tortugars? Perhaps you’d like to revisit the Uncharted Sea region, which has come back with this update along with all of its rare resources? On the subject of resources, maybe you’d like to squeeze out some new toxic compounds like venom or toxic sludge? There’s also a long list of bug fixes, adjustments to existing systems and features, and a host of stability improvements and crash fixes for the Xbox version. It’s all outlined in the patch notes.

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