The Cycle applies weapon and equipment updates in latest patch, discusses anti-cheat efforts in a video


Earlier this week The Cycle: Frontier discussed plans to update certain weapon types and overall gear progression in a developer video. Shortly after that video’s release, the update in question went live, offering a number of the promised adjustments.

Weapon updates include all SMGs getting reduced horizontal recoil and faster ADS movement speed, while specific shotguns have gotten more targeted updates. Grenades have also gotten an update, increasing the time another grenade can be thrown by 1.8 seconds to limit players “unleashing a barrage of explosives and hope to hit the jackpot” as the patch notes put it.

Power progression has also seen adjustments in this patch, with increased penetration for epic, exotic, and legendary weapons; increased armor for epic tier shields and helmets; and more armor for exotic shields, helmets, and the NV helmet.

Meanwhile, the newest dev update video is all about cheaters, with the devs talking about extra internal tools beyond the BattleEye anti-cheat software, confirmation of a compensation system being worked on for those who find themselves killed by a verified cheater, and additional restrictions being put in place that seek to stop VPN users from playing. The video also promises that a reconnect feature is coming in Season 2 and takes a moment to talk about Steam reviews.

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