Conan Exiles’ upcoming creative mode will let players build the castles of their dreams


Building a base in Conan Exiles is something of a long-tail goal for the survival game, but what if you can’t deal with all of the survival game contrivances like mining, foresting, unlocking decorations, and moving up the tech trees to the pretty things you want? That’s where the creative mode arriving in the Age of Sorcery update comes into play, and this dev blog is here to tell players all about it.

As one would expect, creative mode is only available on servers that allow for the mode to be engaged, meaning those who admin a private server will have to provide the option for visitors, along with other options such as the ability to turn off the stability loss multiplier and the option to let players build anywhere. Otherwise, it’s a matter of simply activating the mode at will.

When creative mode is turned on, survival mechanics and character progression freezes, damage can’t be taken, XP can’t be earned, and when the mode is disengaged, any recipes learned revert back to the state they were before. The mode also lets players fly around, making building tall structures or building on cliff faces easier than ever before, so not only will building be easier than ever, it’s also going to be much more open-ended provided you’re on the right server.

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