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Nab a Heavy Gear Assault early access key from Stompy Bot and MOP

Just before the new year descended on us all, Stompy Bot pushed out mecha shooter Heavy Gear Assault on Steam. “Currently HGA is in a stage where two major modules have been finalized, and one is still in development – but we will continue to iterate on those modules during Early Access,” the studio has explained. “Over the next year, the game will be rapidly regressed & iterated on with an aggressive patch strategy planned, almost always including new features, content, balance and polish improvements, and bug fixes. We are extremely fast at development, and will continue to push forward with maximum energy to make the game the best stompin’ mech game on Steam.”

In early access, it’s currently running about 34 bucks, but we’ve got some keys to get you in and testing for free, courtesy of the studio itself! All you’ll need is Steam to jump on in.

Click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to grab one of these keys!

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Grab a Heavy Gear Assault early access key from Stompy Bot and MOP

Stompy Bot’s mecha shooter Heavy Gear Assault was meant to hit early access on Steam this week, but Valve has yet to usher it on (common these days). Nevertheless, if you’re anxious to play the game, we’ve got keys for that, courtesy of the studio itself! You’ll need Steam and some patience; while you can apply the key now, you’ll have to wait for Valve to release the game for download. And then? Mechs.

Click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to grab one of these keys!

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Heavy Gear Assault’s development may be in trouble

Remember Heavy Gear Assault? Maybe not, but it was announced last year as a satisfyingly stomp-happy arena-based PvP game. It’s in early access now, and the last word from the studio was that another round of investment had successfully gone through in November. However, according to anonymous sources the entire development team hasn’t been paid since July, and more or less the entirety of the team has moved on due to the lengthy period of management silence and non-payment. Two sources have stated that the treatment of both players and employees is untenable:

There needs to be accountability. The workers at Stompybot/Mektek are in the dark and haven’t been paid in over 6 months. Many have had to uproot their lives drastically and in a panic because payment was never received. We were told several times that the money was coming and to hold on, only to get no future updates and no money. We have lost hope for the company and our corporate team but we never, ever wished the players to be punished for this sad situation and the lack of accountability from the company.

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Betawatch: February 27, 2015

Skyforge announced its upcoming closed beta schedule this week; expect the first round to begin on March 11th. You can ensure a spot in the test with (what else) a founder pack, which will set you back 20 to 70 bucks. What else is new in the world of MMO testing?

Our complete list of MMOs in testing is below.

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Heavy Gear Assault brings robot battling to a wider world

Mech fighters now have another option for their online gaming pleasure, as a title called Heavy Gear Assault has been making its way through the testing rounds — and the e-sports circuit.

Heavy Gear Assault is an arena PvP game where players pilot giant robots who smash and shoot the circuits out of each other. It will feature MMO-ish elements such as an upgradable robot “gear,” player markets, and even the ability to hop out of your mech and explore as a human avatar. Ultimately, the team said that this may prove to be bigger than just a single arena: “Heavy Gear Assault will release in a series of modules, culminating with the launch of the Heavy Gear persistent universe with episodic single player warfare.”

Currently the game is in its second alpha program. Players who purchase a founder’s pack (which range from $40 to $100) can get into the current test.

[Source: Heavy Gear Assault, e-sports. Thanks to Gaius for the tip!]