Power whelming.

World of Warcraft players will have a quest to upgrade Legendary items

Do you want a shiny level 940 Legendary in World of Warcraft instead of being stuck with the garbage level 910 you already...

Guild Wars 2 details the journey to obtain legendary armor

Guild Wars 2 legendary gear: You're either mad for it or flee from it entirely. Those who are making the pursuit of obtaining...

Guild Wars 2 suspends legendary weapon development in favor of Living World content

ArenaNet President and Game Director Mike O'Brien told forumgoers this evening that Guild Wars 2 is planning to "indefinitely suspend" work...
But now, it's more money.

LOTRO’s update 16 arrives with new instances and LI imbuement

There are phrases you never expect to hear from Lord of the Rings Online patch notes. Like "giant mecha battles" or "featuring voice...

Not So Massively: LoL’s streaming controversy, Star Citizen’s mining, and Diablo III’s microtransactions

The League of Legends community is in an uproar this week over a dispute regarding who owns the gameplay in a League of...