Guild Wars 2 details the journey to obtain legendary armor


Guild Wars 2 legendary gear: You’re either mad for it or flee from it entirely. Those who are making the pursuit of obtaining the best of the best armor in the game would do well to pay attention to the wise words of¬†Game Designer Andrew McLeod.

McLeod attempted to clear up any misunderstandings by¬†providing illumination about the current journey to get legendary armor. The process is involved and takes place over several stages, some of which haven’t been activated in the game yet. Players will need to complete two envoy armor collections to finally get their precursor armor, after which these pieces can be fired up in the mystic toilet, er, forge.

“This armor box will similarly require you to choose an armor type, and it will award a set of precursor armors of that type,” he wrote. “However, it also will unlock crafting recipes to craft all three types of precursor armor, so anyone wanting to create different types of legendary armor or additional armors for their other characters will be able to do so.”

Need a step-by-step guide to help you through this process? Dulfy has an excellent guide to filling out your collections.

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