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ChinaJoy 2017: ARK Park, Black Desert, and L2 Revolution

Goodies from this week's ChinaJoy are already trickling back to us. Notably, Snail Games has posted a new trailer and screenshots for ARK Park, its VR-based ARK:...
Lineage what, now? Huh?

Lineage 2 Revolution confirms western 2017 release

While it was probably never in doubt to most gamers interested in the title, Lineage 2 Revolution has been officially confirmed to launch later...

E3 2017: Hands-on with mobile MMOs Lineage 2 Revolution and Durango

With Pokemon Go trying to avoid explicitly calling itself an MMO, Massively OP once again has room for a top contender in the realm of mobile...

Lineage 2 Revolution has soft launched on Google Play and iTunes

The Netmarble take on NCsoft's Lineage franchise, Lineage 2 Revolution, has soft launched as a global version in multiple English-speaking markets and app stores...

Netmarble’s trading debut in Korea was freakin’ huge

Back in April, Tencent subsidiary Netmarble raised $2.3 billion in shares sold to investors during the first phase of its IPO, helping it reach...
Right round.

Lineage II: Revolution is arriving in June

If you've forgotten about Lineage II: Revolution, the short version is that it's like Lineage II, only it's on mobile. (There is more to...

Superdata report shows Overwatch slipping, Hearthstone rebounding

Looking back at March's digital sales, the industry was up 15% year-over-year from 2016, Superdata Research reports. Mobile was the largest area of growth,...

Netmarble raises $2.3B in IPO while Uncharted Waters Online goes steampunk

The top publisher of online games in South Korea now boasts the second-largest initial public offering in the country's history. Netmarble, a Tencent subsidiary, raised...

South Korea’s Netmarble to launch ambitious IPO

South Korean Tencent affiliate Netmarble announced today that it will launch an initial public offering to the tune of $2.35 billion US. That works...

Lineage 2: Revolution is officially coming to the west

Netmarble's mobile spin-off of the Lineage series will be officially coming to the west, the studio revealed at GDC this week. Lineage II: Revolution launched...
When will the loot drop

Check out some live footage of Lineage II: Revolution

If you missed it, Lineage II: Revolution is out right now in Korea. It's like Lineage II but mobile, which means you're probably imagining...

Lineage II: Revolution arrives on December 14

Mobile gamers look like they will be getting an early Christmas present from Netmarble, as Lineage II: Revolution's launch has finally been dated for...

NCsoft sues Lineage II partner over copyright infringement

Well this will make for awkward encounters in the corporate hallways. Apparently NCsoft is levying a lawsuit against its own business partner, Netmarble, for infringing...

Lineage II: Revolution cancels beta tests, launch window in question

With all of the current, upcoming, and spin-off Lineage titles out there, you might need a flow chart to keep them all straight in...

Lineage Eternal aims for a beta test in November

When the wait seems... eternal for some upcoming MMOs, it can be helpful to hear that the gears of development and testing are moving, even...

Get your first look at Lineage II: Revolution

Looking for a powerhouse MMO to fit into your smartphone or tablet? One such contender deserves your attention, thanks to the legacy from which...