Check out some live footage of Lineage II: Revolution

When will the loot drop

If you missed it, Lineage II: Revolution is out right now in Korea. It’s like Lineage II but mobile, which means you’re probably imagining a dungeon-grinding game without many real MMO aspects to it. Steparu took the game for a whirl, however, and discovered the surprising truth that the game is, in fact, a fully featured MMORPG with pretty much everything you’d want from a game with Lineage in the title. There are quests, there are shared hubs, there’s murdering other players for little to no reason.

The game also features an auto-play mechanic; anything your character is sufficiently geared for can simply be auto-played with a few taps, thus allowing you to save your attention for other matters. Possibly a good thing for a mobile title, but it does take actual play out of the equation slightly. You can check out some footage of the game in action just below; there’s no localization announced just yet, so keep in mind that there are no assurances about when the game will come to these shores, although a wider global release was previously announced for 2017.

Source: Steparu
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