minecraft legends

Minecraft Legends releases its final content update before entering maintenance mode

It hasn't even been a full year since the real-time strategy title Minecraft Legends released on multiple platforms, but unfortunately for fans of the...

Minecraft promises big 2024 update following player unrest over content cadence

Next year is going to mark 15 years of Minecraft, and Microsoft-owned developer Mojang is celebrating the milestone by launching Update 1.21, which will...

Minecraft Legends launches with plenty of blocky multiplayer battle strategy

If you were to go back to the year 2000 and tell everyone that a game primarily made of boxes would absolutely dominate the...

Minecraft Legends and co-op shooter Redfall confirm release dates in Xbox developer showcase

Earlier this week saw Microsoft and Bethesda kick off a developer showcase of titles arriving to Xbox, PC, and Game Pass, and while our...
Sure, that makes sense.

Multiplayer action RTS Minecraft Legends is due to launch in 2023

It probably is not unknown to you, but just in case you were not previously aware of this fact, a lot of kids really...

Minecraft Legends takes the franchise in a more strategic direction, with co-op and competitive multiplayer

If we had a functional time machine to the past, the first trip would be about eliminating Hitler, while the second would be a...