moons of madness

I realize that in this article I raise the prospect of someone liking the combat in any version of The Secret World, which is really quite funny.

PSA: Grab a free Secret World Legends outfit and weapon thanks to Moons of Madness’ console launch

Take a hint from the Secret World universe: The next time that you think about heading into outer space, stay home instead. There's nothing...

The Stream Team: Moons of Madness for Halloween night

Did you hear that?! And what's that up ahead -- a dark corner? Surely it will be fine... not. It is Halloween night, and...

Funcom’s Secret World-inspired Moons of Madness horror game has officially launched

It's Halloween time, folks, and you know what that means: It's time for a standalone Funcom game with a horror angle, preferably with a...

Not So Massively: The Blizzard I loved is dead

This week's Not So Massively column was supposed to be a wishlist of things I want from an announcement of Diablo IV. When I...

Funcom roundup: Secret World Legends’ Samhain, Moons of Madness’ launch, and Tencent

Funcom is up to some stuff this week! For starters, Secret World Legends is patching in Samhain today. One of the better Halloween events...

Check out 12 minutes of Funcom’s Moons of Madness, set in the Secret World universe

Back in March, Funcom announced one of its (many!) next big things, Moons of Madness, a Rock Pocket Games-developed title due out for Halloween...

Funcom’s next horror game, Moons of Madness, is set in the Secret World universe

It was an open secret that Funcom was working on a new game targeted for Halloween - in fact, Funcom and its subsidiary and...