Thank you for holding my breath.

The Daily Grind: Should MMOs have end dates?

One of the best things that Final Fantasy XI did was end. Not end updates, obviously, the game has a monthly release cadence...
Such a compelling narrative of 'gun'

PUBG Corp has a new studio working on a game creating a new narrative in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds universe

So, how much do you know about the universe of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds? It's perfectly valid if your reaction to that question is incredulity...

Warframe of Mind: The story of Space Mom and The Second Dream

When I first started playing Warframe, I definitely wasn't in it for the story. Was there story? Initially, no. There were only crumbs...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Speculation on Guild Wars 2’s gods and dragons

Let's just note upfront that this edition of Flameseeker Chronicles will have lots of Guild Wars 2 spoilers, including but not limited to the recent Living World S3E6 War Eternal. Also, wild speculation that may well be completely wrong. You have been warned!

Hyperspace Beacon: SWTOR, a roleplay community divided

Much praise and hatred have been tossed at Star Wars: The Old Republic for its decision to focus more heavily on...

EVE Evolved: The strategy and narrative of EVE’s revenge war

At the start of this month, we reported on a massive new war that was kicking off in the north of EVE...

The Daily Grind: Are MMORPGs better off without stories?

Last week, Massively OP community veteran BalsBigBrother pointed out -- rightly! -- that while Trove is amusing, it's very much lacking in prepared...
Well, here we go.

Final Fantasy XIV wraps up the Heavensward story on March 28th

In less than a week, the first expansion for Final Fantasy XIV is coming to an end. The final story patch for
Here we go again.

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival XIV Europe: Samurai, Doma, and theme songs

If you're a fan of Final Fantasy XIV, the European fan festival is something you've been waiting for more or less since December's...
Be here now.

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 3.5 in review, part 2

I mentioned previously that I went through Final Fantasy XIV's most recent patch faster than I can recall going through a patch in...
Well-told, but not well-planned.

The Daily Grind: Should MMOs plan their last expansions out?

By all accounts, Final Fantasy XI's last expansion is Seekers of Adoulin. It was a good expansion, definitely... but it certainly doesn't...
Sometimes despite its best efforts.

The Daily Grind: Do you care about MMO lore?

Lore is a big deal to me when I'm playing an MMO. For all the issues I have with Guild Wars 2, it...
I know Gridanians hate moths.

Final Fantasy XIV previews its story and dungeons in patch 3.2

The next patch for Final Fantasy XIV brings along a fresh pair of dungeons to the game, which won't surprise anyone. The...
You have been removed.

The Daily Grind: Who’s your favorite MMO antagonist?

One of the things I liked about Star Wars: The Old Republic right from its launch is that it gave players plenty of...
Maybe that's the horrible, fundamental blade that sits at the heart of every nudge forward. That if you're forced to really ask yourself for honesty, you realize that love is just a word you use to justify doing hard work for someone who never thanks you in a way you find meaningful or satisfying.

The Park is not single-player The Secret World, but it might be even better

Let's just put our cards on the table: The Park is not the single-player offering that The Secret World fans have been...