Popular Chinese MMO JX3 Online will close in Taiwan following COVID-19 protest

This article needs a quick bit of backstory: Chinese doctor Li Wenliang was one of the first whistleblowers for the current COVID-19 epidemic; he...

Lawful Neutral: Examining the infamous MMO lockbox, 2020 edition

I have a soft spot for paranormal horror. I love movies about demons, ghosts, hauntings, possessions. There's one particular movie from the early aughts...
You know who is what here.

Blitzchung: No regrets for speaking up for Hong Kong despite Hearthstone suspension

Chung Ng Wai, better known as Blitzchung, took a big risk when he spoke out in support of Hong Kong on an official Hearthstone stream....

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden calls out Silicon Valley game devs as ‘creeps’

It would appear that US presidential hopeful and former vice president Joe Biden has an unkind view of most Silicon Valley tech companies and...

SEED polls its community to find out how personal politics will affect their play choices

Whether we like it or not, the politics of the real world can inform much of what happens in-game, even if people want the...

Activision-Blizzard’s Bobby Kotick downplays the role of politics in games

Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick clearly doesn't fear the Blizzard boycott that is still technically ongoing following Blizzard's October decision to penalize a Hearthstone esports...
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US politician shades Blizzard over World of Warcraft toxicity

Last week, the gaming world was a tad busy running Halloween events and watching BlizzCon, so it passed almost without notice that a US...

UK’s children’s commissioner calls for tighter legislation on lootboxes

A report from UK children's commissioner Anne Longfield is calling for stricter laws on lootboxes and to amend current gambling laws to include lootboxes,...

Riot Games expresses ’empathy’ for Blizzard after its Hong Kong fiasco

One might wonder why, possessed as it was of a pretty good week of announcements, Riot Games would willingly put Blizzard's One Ring on...

How Pokemon Go company Niantic is collecting (and using) your life’s data

We probably don't need to tell our audience this, given that while yes, you all have phones, you're also typically not obsessive about gaming...
Hello, I am still the villain.

Players, pros, and politicians join in protest over Blizzard’s censorship of Hong Kong Hearthstone pro

The furor over Blizzard's ban of a Hong Kong Hearthstone pro player and apparent firing of two Taiwanese commentators has only increased since its...

Blizzard bans Hearthstone esports player and fires casters over pro-Hong Kong protest

I suppose it was just a matter of time before the current Chinese political mess spilled over into gaming, but it's done so now:...

For Science: Study suggests racial stereotyping underpins campaign to blame real-world violence on video games

Academics have found a way to make the media and politicians' spurious blame of video games for real-world violence look even worse than it...

Predictably, the ESA rebuffs UK call to ban lockboxes, citing nebulous transparent lockbox plan

Yesterday, we covered the UK government’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee panel report on addictive technologies: Readers will recall that the lengthy...

Recapping the whole 38 Studios mess as Curt Schilling contemplates run for Congress

You folks remember 38 Studios, right? The studio at the heart of one of the most scandalous fiascos in the whole MMO genre? It's...

The APA rejects link between video games and real-world violence

We're probably preaching to the choir with this one, but did you know that there is still no proven link between video games and...

TV networks block Apex Legends esports tourney broadcast following mass shootings

In what is being explained as a move of "respect for the victims and all those impacted" by recent mass shooting events in Texas...

US Federal Trade Commission outlines the agenda for a lootbox-related workshop on August 7

Conversations, studies, and outright rancor over video game lockbox practices have caught the notice of several world governments as readers of MOP already know,...

Working As Intended: We’re all full up on moral panics right now, but thanks

It's no great secret that MMORPG fans fall toward the middle of the age spectrum, given the history and peak of our genre. This...

Lawful Neutral: Mr. Krabs’ Wacky Bucks and currency in online games

I used to watch Spongebob religiously. I loved the days when I could put on Nickelodeon and have Spongebob on for hours. One of...