storm legion

RIFT’s first expansion.

Perfect Ten: Worst MMO expansion names of all time

Back when Daybreak announced that EverQuest's 19th expansion would be titled Rain of Fear, I instantly found myself tripping over the name. I shouldn't...

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RIFT’s first expansion, Storm Legion, unlocks on the Prime progression server

There's a storm brewing on the RIFT Prime progression server, as Storm Legion, the game's first expansion, unlocks today. Players on the Patron-only Prime...

RIFT Prime is preparing for the Storm Legion expansion

RIFT's progression server is about ready to go where this MMO has only gone once before: into Storm Legion. On October 3rd, the subscription-only Prime...

RIFT’s fans speculate over the Storm Legion expansion on Prime

You may have heard the news that RIFT's Prime server is poised to finally leave the bounds of vanilla content and jump into the...
We may also not be in Telara, either.

RIFT Prime will get the 2012 Storm Legion expansion this fall

Remember way back in 2012 when Storm Legion launched in Trion Worlds' MMO RIFT? You can remember all over again this fall, at least...

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Interview: Trion Worlds goes in depth on RIFT Prime

Following the initial announcement of RIFT Prime and the ensuing details that started to come out of Trion Worlds on the progression server, we...

Forsaken World’s Awakening expansion launches next week

PWE's Forsaken World is due for another big update this month. Awakening, dubbed the game's 16th expansion by PWE, launches on January 20th and carries...

Exploring RIFT 3.4: Into the Wilds with Trion Worlds

Coming "really, really soon" to RIFT is the MMO's fourth major update of the year, Into the Wilds. Patch 3.4 is so big, in fact,...

An exclusive talk with RIFT’s Chris Junior on the Nightmare Saga and more

RIFT is starting to make more noise as 2015 marches on, particularly with its recent Patch 3.3. This newest update added a major saga...

RIFT’s 20-person Tyrant’s Forge raid opens

Who's ready for some good ol' fashioned raiding in RIFT? The team announced last week that it has opened the new Tyrant's Forge raid for...