RIFT’s fans speculate over the Storm Legion expansion on Prime

You may have heard the news that RIFT’s Prime server is poised to finally leave the bounds of vanilla content and jump into the first expansion, Storm Legion. But when is this happening? What are the specifics? Trion Worlds was a little too vague for many players’ liking, and so a bunch of speculation has arisen over the next step for this progression server.

The consensus of one community over the next step of this slowly progressing special server is that November is the (forgive us) prime target for release. “My RIFT Prime timeline prediction: Open up Infernal Dawn in early-mid September, with Primeval Feast late September to early October. Tempest Rising event in October alongside a release of the Exodus of the Storm Queen dungeon. Storm Legion Prime launch in November (alongside a potential RIFT Patch 4.6).”

Meanwhile, Trion did confirmed that the second tier of planar attunement for Prime’s level capped players has now unlocked. Enjoy grinding that out!


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drew who

To me it seems that Trion are content to look back on past glories rather than focus on the future of the game on the live servers . I played Rift for 6 years but along with a lot of my guild mates we have started trying other mmos because it has become all to obvious that development of the live game is virtually on hiatus and that a new expansion is probably another 2 years away ( which if it is the case will be 4 years between one expac and the next )

Malcolm Swoboda

Well I’ll certainly reach Lv 50, but I dunno how far I’ll get into that content (experts/raids) before Storm Legion!


Have to admit I got halfway through Storm Legion, got bored and quit Rift.