Reborn Promisance is a fan-operated version of a turn-based multiplayer strategy MUD from 26 years ago

If you're looking for retro, it doesn't get more retro than a rebuilt version of a text-based multiplayer online empire strategy game. That's what...

Gemini Station is a text-based sci-fi MMO you can play from anywhere

Text-based MMOs have come a long, long way since their olden days with monochrome monitors and fizzling baud modems. Newer text-based titles might surprise...

Blaseball is a text-based ‘absurdist simulation of baseball’ where players bet on fake teams

Whether you're a fan of baseball or not, there appears to be a place for you in Blaseball, a text-based browser game that ultimately...

MusicBattle is a text-based MMORPG about making music and doing crimes

When people say that the music industry is pretty cutthroat, we assume that actual throats aren't getting cut. In the text-based MMORPG world of...

Surprise! Chat Wars is apparently still a thing

I suspect when you saw the title of Chat Wars, you responded with either a wave of nostalgia or a headtilt of confusion. Turns...

Space MUD Starmourn adds Bounty Hunters, new zones, and more

How is it that there's a gigantic new space MMO with a dozen playable races, starship combat, exploration, trading, and even hacking on the...
All right, sure.

Zapoco exists for your browser-based zombie survival MMO needs

Do you dearly need a zombie survival game to play that's also text-only, browser-based, and not something you've already heard of? You have a...

Torn City is a gritty text MMO with loads of features

While it's pretty common to overlook text-based MMORPGs for their lack of 3-D visualization and sparkly particle effects, the truth is that these games...