Space MUD Starmourn adds Bounty Hunters, new zones, and more


How is it that there’s a gigantic new space MMO with a dozen playable races, starship combat, exploration, trading, and even hacking on the market without this being top-billing news? Probably because Starmourn is a text-based MMO with rudimentary ASCII visuals.

But don’t let that stop you from giving it a look! Ever since going into open beta this past December, Starmourn’s development has careened forward with the team adding features and content left and right (and up and down).

In fact, the team just posted a list to catch players up on all of the work that’s been done to the game lately, including more distinct ships, improvements to the Captaincy skill, big updates to the player-driven economy, an expansion to the hacking system, additional regions of exploration, and PvP balance passes.

This sounds pretty cool, too: “Bounty Hunters have been added to the game! These mercs for hire thrive on combat, and carry out the dirty work for other players. Bounty hunters gain access to some very powerful tools to help them carry out these jobs with lethal efficiency.”

Source: Starmourn. Thanks Panagiotis!
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