Text-based sci-fi sandbox MUD Starmourn hits open beta this Saturday


Hardcore roleplayers and sandboxes may want to give Starmourn a sliver of precious attention this week: The elaborate MUD hits open beta this weekend. A real open beta, people, meaning you can actually play it.

As we’ve previously covered, Starmourn is a roleplay-centric, sci-fi massively multiplayer MUD by developer Iron Realms, which itself has been around for decades pumping out and maintaining high-quality text-based MMOs. The game features an obsessive attention to customizationcrafting, the player economy, 50 alien races, PvP combat, starships, creative death mechanics – we called it a spectacle the last time we covered it, and we meant it. Granted, it’s text-based, but it’s also the biggest commercial MUD to go live in years, and it actually offers a lot of the content old-school MMO sandbox fans pine for.

We’ve tucked the trailer down below, plus there are new videos on spaceflight and hacking too.

Source: Newsletter, official sitelanding page (live Friday). Thanks, Oleg!
There’s a press release out now too!
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