Vitae Aeternum: The best solo ranged and melee builds in New World

One of the main things that keeps me coming back to New World despite its many rough edges is the fact it's one of...
Dare to be stupid!

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite weird MMO weapon?

Every MMO starts you off with the pretty standard weapon options. There are swords, big swords, axes, hammers, maybe some guns, brass knuckles, staves...

The Daily Grind: Which MMORPG boasts the most outrageously oversized weapons?

Last week, an old friend of my family (who happens to be an amazing photographer) uploaded a fab shot of a statue of a...
None of my salesmen has ever sold a car.

Population Zero outlines the basics of arming yourself with weapons

If you're going to survive in Population Zero, you'll need weapons. Fortunately, it looks like the most basic varieties of weapons won't be all that...

The Hunter’s Arsenal: Massively OP’s guide to the weapons of Monster Hunter World

Throughout their time in Monster Hunter World, players will have to make a lot of decisions, but none of them are as important -- or...
In summary, do better.

Monster Hunter World’s first patch is all about balance adjustments for weaponry

The first major patch for Monster Hunter World is arriving on March 16th, and thankfully it will include a new monster to fight in...

EVE Evolved: EVE Online’s free-to-play upgrades are pretty damn generous

You've probably heard by now that EVE Online is giving its free-to-play alpha clone characters a massive boost in power in December about a...

Secret World Legends offers up ‘deep dive’ on weapons

After a week or so of teasing the different weapon specialties on Twitter for Secret World Legends, the crew at Funcom has finally released...
Now I'm the best thing ever!

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite unorthodox MMO weapon?

I'm never going to fail to be amused at the weapon of choice for Medics in WildStar. "Medic" is an odd class choice anyway,...

Leaderboard: What’s the best ranged weapon in MMORPGs?

"You should do a Leaderboard on the best ranged weapons in MMORPGs," Justin told me. "Oh man, I can see the 'you forgot X' comments...

Survarium patch provides more combat feedback

A small but useful patch parachuted into Survarium this past week, bringing with it improved feedback for combat encounters, technical improvements, and even more...

EVE Evolved: Citadel stats revealed, theorycrafting begins

EVE Online's Citadel expansion is due to launch this spring, transforming the way many of us play the game through the introduction of player-owned...
Here we continue.

Final Fantasy XI’s February version update is live

The history of Final Fantasy XI gives you many opportunities to upgrade your weaponry. Did you think you were done just because the game's...
Going back.

Wisdom of Nym: Why Final Fantasy XIV’s Anima Weapons don’t bother me

Everyone who has listened to my rantings for an extended period of time knows that I did not like the Zodiac Weapon quests in...
Here's the weird zone that no one has seen in forever, you live here now.

Final Fantasy XIV previews Anima weapons and a new side story

Veterans of Final Fantasy XIV know that the weaponsmith Gerolt is perhaps the most talented smith in Eorzea. That's a good thing, since there's...

Black Desert teases the awakening weapon system

Weapon choice, or lack thereof, is one MMO topic that doesn't seem to come up very much. Some games allow players to select from...

EVE Evolved: Building your own empire

When CCP announced its far-reaching plans to overhaul EVE Online's territorial warfare gameplay, players were cautiously optimistic but understandably guarded. EVE's old sovereignty system...
You can go ahead and fear me, really.

Guild Wars 2 unveils the Necromancer elite spec, the Reaper

Under normal circumstances, Guild Wars 2 Necromancers have a pretty decisive philosophy of not getting involved in melee. It makes sense, after all. These...