Monster Hunter World’s first patch is all about balance adjustments for weaponry

In summary, do better.

The first major patch for Monster Hunter World is arriving on March 16th, and thankfully it will include a new monster to fight in the form of Deviljho. That’s the only real content addition, though; the big feature is the laundry list of changes coming to every weapon in the game. Great Sword users will see increased damage from Charged Slash maneuvers, Long Sword users get big buffs to Foresight Slash, and Sword & Shield can toss beetles more effectively with a weapon drawn.

In fact, pretty much every weapon has seen some significant balance changes, except for bowguns; those are unadjusted. Lances in particular have been upgraded to be easier to use in general, which should be a boon to veteran players and Lance enthusiasts alike. There are also new quality of life features and a free ticket to adjust your character’s appearance, so even if you’ve only got one new monster to hunt, you should find plenty of other things to enjoy in the patch.

Source: Kotaku


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The other big thing here is that they patched out the f@#$ing griefing from other players who just whale on you to keep you from getting any parts during the carve window after the quest. You’re now immune to attacks from a$%hole ‘allies’ during the carving.