Final Fantasy XIV previews Anima weapons and a new side story

Here's the weird zone that no one has seen in forever, you live here now.
Veterans of Final Fantasy XIV know that the weaponsmith Gerolt is perhaps the most talented smith in Eorzea. That’s a good thing, since there’s no other reason in the world why anyone would deal with the cantankerous drunken jerk. He’s going to be dealing with players again, however; the upcoming Anima weapon quests will center around working with Gerolt and a scholar from the Near East to create even greater weapons than those that have existed before. It’s a big part of what players can expect going into patch 3.15.

The interquel patch will also introduce a new set of side story quests centering around the Saint Endalim’s Scholisticate, the most notable seminary in all of Ishgard. Revelations at the end of the Heavensward story leave the future clergy of the Holy See in quite a state, and player characters will be the ones to start sorting out the situation. No word yet on when 3.15 will be available, although even money would place it not too far removed from the next Letter from the Producer LIVE.

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