Population Zero outlines the basics of arming yourself with weapons

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If you’re going to survive inĀ Population Zero, you’ll need weapons. Fortunately, it looks like the most basic varieties of weapons won’t be all that hard to craft even without dedicated facilities. You always have your fists to fall back on, of course, but far more important is using stone, then the nigh-ubiquitous xenofungus, as materials to craft your first set of basic weapons like axes, hammers, and swords.

Of course, not all weapons are created equal. Hammers and axes, for example, are meant for harvesting resources rather than killing things, and thus aren’t nearly as efficient as swords and spears. You also get different resources from the planet depending on what you use to harvest things, which means that scavenging for the bractus sap that can be hardened into a resilient form provides the best weapons you can get out in the wild. Check out the full rundown for an idea of how you’ll be assembling pointy things for violent purposes in the game.

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