EverQuest updates with tweaks and improvements to its user interface

This is... better?

Sometimes, the little changes have a big impact. EverQuest has a long and storied history and it’s still getting new expansions, but it also can run up against the edge of what can be done with its user interface. So it’s nice that the latest patch to the game includes UI improvements like mount speed display in the item window and tracking indicating targets above or below your location. It won’t blow your mind, sure, but it makes the game just that much easier to play. Progression servers also now have access to the Extended Target Window for players above Level 20, even if the server hasn’t yet unlocked Underfoot.

There are more improvements and tweaks, of course, like tweaking gear stats to bring pieces closer in line with one another, adding effects to the Necromancer’s Scent of Terris ability, and changing certain boss mechanics to work differently. So veteran players should take a look through the full patch notes to make sure of what has or hasn’t changed, since it could have a big impact on how you approach the game. Those quality-of-life UI changes just do make everything a little smoother.

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Yeah, don’t undersell it. I’m going to have to go back in to check it out, and I know that means I’m going to get sucked back in for ages. *sigh* goodbye work. :D

Castagere Shaikura

The eq2 quest tracker and the map could use a big update. But since everyone uses the overblown 3rd party mod they just ignore it.

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agemyth 😩

It won’t blow your mind…

What do you mean? That tracking change is game-changing!

I’m exaggerating but it really did excite me a bit :P