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Perfect Ten: Sports-themed MMOs

Here's something we don't talk about much here on Massively OP: sports games. When we think of "MMOs," we tend to run right toward...

Massively Overthinking: Our MMORPG gaming resolutions for 2017

Are you the type of gamer to make resolutions? I'm not, but I know a lot of people who map out their year ahead...

The best Thanksgiving and Black Friday MMORPG deals

Getcher credit cards ready, folks. It's time. (New additions are at the bottom!) The Secret World is part of the Humble Bundle this week; you can...

Reel in a World of Fishing promo pack DLC key from MOP and InselGames

If you're in need of some rest and relaxation this week but can't get away for a vacation, how about a leisurely trip to...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the best fishing system?

OK, I'll freely admit that I am not one for fishing in MMORPGs. I know that many games have it and that there's a...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 84: Rise of Irony

Justin, Eliot, and MJ discuss World of Fishing, WoW, RIFT, ARK, TSW, SWTOR, H&G, FFXIV, Destiny, TERA, DDO, LOTRO, Icarus, and GW2, with mailbag letters on MMO swag and art styles.

Enter to win a World of Fishing Starter Pack DLC from InselGames and MOP

In honor of the launch of World of Fishing on Steam earlier this month, InselGames has granted Massively OP 10 Steam Starter Pack DLC codes worth $9.99 to give away to...
And a real universe.

Betawatch: Dual Universe hits the Kickstarter circuit (September 9, 2016)

This week, Dual Universe started its Kickstarter, and - oh, you've already got your checkbook out. Great, it's half a million for this one....

World of Fishing angles for new players with today’s Steam F2P launch

World of Fishing is live on Steam today as a free-to-play MMO. (There's optional DLC for sale at just over 7 bucks right now.)...
It's never quite gone.

April Fools’ Day around the MMOverse, 2016 edition

Happy April Fools' Day, and remember not to believe anything you read on the internet today! We're stepping outside of our own BuzzFeed-headline prank...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 54: Something fishy is afoot

Justin and Bree discuss Black Desert, Path of Exile, Guild Wars 2, No Man's Sky, World of Fishing, and AdventureQuest 3D, with a mailbag question on broken dev promises.

World of Fishing aims for Steam’s casuals, hardcores, and MMO lovers

Why take up fishing in a traditional MMO when you can take up fishing in a fishing MMO? World of Fishing aims to be...
There we go again.

Betawatch: Asta hops to the west (November 6, 2015)

It's interesting to watch the progress of Asta as a title. The game shut down rather quickly in its native country, but it has...

World of Fishing is now in open beta

I like to fish in MMOs. Which is strange because I don't much like to fish in meatspace. My favorite MMO fishing mechanics were in...