World of Fishing angles for new players with today’s Steam F2P launch


World of Fishing is live on Steam today as a free-to-play MMO. (There’s optional DLC for sale at just over 7 bucks right now.) This is a weird planet we live on.

“To celebrate the launch, publisher InselGames adds new content and improvements to the game. Veteran fisherman will be happy to have the level cap raised from 60 to 80 and with three brand-new maps – Bali, Cape Town and Fish Farm (PvP map) – there are new fishing spots to discover and new fish to be caught. In addition new items like baits, rods and boats have been added to the game, accompanied by three new item categories, introducing belts as well as arm and back equipment, making this the perfect moment to join the World of Fishing.”

InselGames does note that players on Steam on on the regular client will be playing on the same server, but you cannot log into Steam using your original account (or vice versa). We’ve got the launch trailer down below!

Source: Newsletter, Steam
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