Final Fantasy XI adds new item rewards, new mount areas, and easier crafting

Pictured? Not me.

You’re probably tired of hearing at this point how Final Fantasy XI‘s maintenance mode is more active than many game’s live-with-normal-updates mode. Is you want that to change, you should say something. “Stop it, Final Fantasy XI!” you’ll say. “How dare you add new enemies to content and offer me new ways to get awards that weren’t otherwise available! You shouldn’t allow me to start riding mounts in areas I previously couldn’t!” Except even then, your protests won’t work because there are still many other improvements in the September version update, and these are things no one ought to complain about to begin with.

Players can now ride mounts through all of the Seekers of Adoulin outdoor areas, making it far easier to navigate spaces like the Ceizak Battlegrounds. Crafters will also have an easier time catching up, as the rate of skill gains past 70 for synthesis has been improved significantly. There’s also a new Master Trial, new items, a new Fenrir mount, and… really, just lots of stuff for players to enjoy, even in a “maintenance” mode. It’s just the state of things, really. Protesting is fruitless.


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