Landmark introduces reward chests for player builds


What does every good dungeon need? Treasure chests, of course! And now Landmark players have reward chests filled with loot that they can add to their personal builds. These new chests work differently from storage chests, which were the only usable option previously. Storage chests were filled by players and bound by build permissions; the reward chests, however, have game-generated loot and can be opened by anyone who finds it regardless of the site’s permission levels. And chest owners needn’t do anything other than place the chest and adjust the per-player looting cooldown timer.

These reward chests can be looted only in play mode. They also have loot count, meaning that after it has been looted a set number of times, it will poof. When it expires, the owner will receive notification (to know when to place a new one) as well as some bonus resources for personal use (since owners can never loot the chest).

Currently, there is only one reward chest available to build at the lumen station — the common reward chest. If this ends up being a useful item, devs plan to increase both the number of chest types and the resource treasure options. You can learn more about this and the rest of the August update (including build tool improvements and the ability to adjust spawned creatures’ health and damage) in the patch notes or in the dev stream video below.


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