The Daily Grind: Do you ever play MMORPGs against ‘type’?

Perhaps owing at least in part to the charisma of its chief executive, Camelot Unchained is one of those rare in-production MMORPGs that seems to attract people who would normally flee from it in horror.

What I mean by that is the same people I see freaking out over any new MMO that proposes open PvP of one form or another are following Camelot intently. There’s even a lot of resistance to games that are basically tame battleground PvP, like Crowfall — but Camelot seems immune.

Camelot Unchained isn’t against my type — I’m a huge fan of three-way RvR and can’t wait to see how a modern Dark Age of Camelot sandpark looks in practice — but I’m super intrigued that it’s something a lot of non-PvP players (and even some of our non-PvP writers!) are watching. Can you think of other examples? Do you ever play or follow MMORPGs against your type — and which ones?

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105 Comments on "The Daily Grind: Do you ever play MMORPGs against ‘type’?"

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I’m not into PvP, although I’ve done it in the past. As such I am extremely unlikely to look at CU let alone play it, but I’ve followed the articles about it here (and only here) because of Mark Jacob’s active participation given that I have a lot of respect for the way he handled the EU situation on WAR (as I’ve mentioned before).

The lack of PvE content will deter me from CU – it was the PvE content that I played DAoC for. I have also at times harbored the hope that crafting might be a viable alternative to PvP in CU but in all honesty I don’t really expect that to be the case. I’ll keep watching, however. Generally though, if a game is PvP-only I don’t take any real interest in it, and I certainly won’t play it.


I have such great memories of DAoC. It was one of my first MMOs and I’m sure it’s that RvRvR nostalgia that is pulling me towards this game even though I don’t PvP in my current games. This game might not be my type long-term but I’m willing to take that risk!


Hmm. In my experience, my “type” changes depending on how fun a game is.

So, I’m not a huge PvP fan. I prefer my MMos PvE heavy and with no gank zones. Yet over the past few years I have played and stuck with a couple of games that are heavily PvP oriented.

I played AA for quite a long time from Alpha to 6 months after launch. The game certainly did have open world pvp zones which are not my thing. But the game offered so much in terms of crafting housing and just the general world at large, that I lived with it. In fact I ended up thriving in the open world.

BnS. Not my type of game. Korean MMOs aren’t excluded from my sampling of games but for the most part, they need to be “western” for me to enjoy them ie. No anime, less grinding, good PvE elements and not just PvP. BnS changed all of that. For me, the combat is so good that I stuck around after trying that game on a lark. Suddenly, I like the art style, don’t find grinding for gear a difficulty, found great PvE in dungeons, and can hold my own in PvP.
Mission acomplished BnS, you have changed me. Lol

Zen Dadaist

I’m one of those that by all rights shouldn’t be giving CU the time of day, yet I am following along its development and will likely give it a play when it releases. Go figure!

Rift was totally and utterly against type for me and I would never have even looked in its direction had I not been dragged in by my friends. WoW-like, fantasy genre, linear levelling etc. – ticked all of my usual NOPE boxes. And yet it held my attention for longer than most other MMOs I played. Once again, go figure :p


Nope. If a game isn’t my “type,” then it’s because I don’t find it fun.

Oleg Chebeneev

Sometimes I really want to like the game and giving it a chance over and over, but quit fairly fast just because I dont have fun. Dragonrealms mud is latest example. EVE is another frequent one.

CU is actually exactly my type of MMO. PvP focused open world, yes pls. I just wasnt impressed so far with what they shown us.

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I played EVE for 3 or 4 years and being someone who does not enjoy PVP in even the slightest I would say that was against my type. I actually enjoyed the game, met some douches but also some really awesome folks who taught me a literal ton about the intricacies of the game.

I still didn’t pvp mind but it was fun while it lasted but having limited pve content evetually it ceased to have enough draw for me.

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First I was totally against camelot unchained because it’s against my personal MMO view. But the longer I read things about this game the more I got interested.
It’s more than just a plain old boring pvp arena game and that’s very appealing to me.
So I can say for myself that I’m a bit more open minded than a few years ago and I try out new games even if they are more or less against my preferences.

Bryan Turner

Hardly I’m pretty set in my views regarding Gank Boxes, they promote Buy to Win cash shop whales, and it’s a lazy way for Developers to avoid making any story or lore.

Wanda Clamshuckr

PvP games, the ones that dedicate themselves to being purely that, don’t fulfill the needs I require out of a MMO. I’m an explorer/crafter at heart, with a strong focus on solo/duo dungeon delving.

DAoC had that perfect mix of what I liked, including kick-ass class design, with the option to dip into RvR if I chose to. Big boy RvR (lvl 50) wasn’t my thing at all, but I absolutely adored the BG’s and Darkness Falls. I had options, and could float around where I chose.

My interest in CU is because Mark is making it, and (so far) it seems to be falling into place nicely. I like the idea that it is the spiritual successor to DAoC, but the omission of a strong PvE presence, IMHO, doesn’t place it entirely in that category. It’s Big Boy RvR in it’s entirety, and kudos that they have enough people to back them and (hopefully) be successful.

When it launches, I am going to check it out. Nothing like seeing it in person. So, who knows. Normally I wouldn’t be following a PvP game at all, but CU intrigues me. I’m going to give it a fair shake.